Tax Planning

Business Tax Planning:

Mr. Raines counsels start-up companies, small businesses and large corporations. He is also familiar with multiple ways of reducing business owners’ tax liability. He can offer experienced advise on corporate income tax strategies, ramifications and red flag issues regarding:

  • Entity selection (LLC, S corporation, partnerships)
  • Dissolving business entities
  • Business succession (estate taxes)
  • Sale or purchase of a business or its assets
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial real estate transactions

Tax Planning for Individuals:

Mr. Raines can advise business owners, high net worth individuals and other clients on individual income tax strategies. He can help clients take full advantage of:

  • Applicable tax credits
  • Allowable expenses and deductions
  • Gifting to family and charitable giving

For over forty years, our clients have relied on Thomas E. Raines, PC to help them make prudent business, financial, and personal decisions on in the area of Tax Planning. If your business or organization needs assistance in the area of Tax Planning, please contact our Atlanta Business Lawyer immediately at 770-263-0093 or vial email through the contact portion of this website.

Client Reviews

Best thing about Tom is he is pragmatic -- his witness instructions are simple -- Tell the Truth --- Many many of my friends, family and business associates use Tom as their attorney and they all rave about him.

Joe S.

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