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Business Law Solutions

With more than 40 years of experience in Business Law, Thomas E. Raines handles a wide variety of Business Law matters and issues for small to medium sized business. Whether it is choice on entity upon business formation, establishment of guidelines for routine business transactions, sophisticated business law transactions for a more mature business, or growth of the business through acquisitions or mergers, Mr. Raines can provide you guidance. We invite you to explore the information prepared below that explains our general Business Law practice and some of the specific business law topics that you may encounter in your business, including:

Estate Planning Law Solutions

In addition to providing business law advice and counsel, our Mr. Raines provides client centered, creative and practical solutions for clients seeking to transfer the assets of their life’s work and businesses to their families. We offer estate plans that are efficient and effective and that are based upon your goals, as the client. Every person who wants to control the disposition of his or her property should have a Will and basic estate preservation documents such as a Financial Power of Attorney and an Advanced Directive For Health Care. As one acquires more property the level of sophscation of the estate planning documents and strategies increases, requiring an experienced practitioner such as Mr. Raines. We have assembled a series of articles that explain the basics and some more sophisticated estate planning vehicles, strategies and techniques that we invite you to review below, including:

Probate And Estate Administration Solution.

Mr. Raines can guide you through the Probate and Administration of Estates process by explaining the available alternatives and then implementing the correct Probate or Estate Administration process. Below we have developed a series articles on the basics of the Probate and Estate Administration process, which we invite to explore.

Thomas E. Raines, PC offers comprehensive representation in Business Law, Estate Planning Law, and Probate Law and Administration of estates from our offices in Duluth, where we represent clients over the Atlanta metropolitan area. Please contact us by email or phone to schedule your consultation concerning your Business Law, Estate Planning and Probate matters.

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Best thing about Tom is he is pragmatic -- his witness instructions are simple -- Tell the Truth --- Many many of my friends, family and business associates use Tom as their attorney and they all rave about him.

Joe S.

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