Shareholder and Partner Disputes

Individuals, including family members, regularly form business ventures. Generally, upon formation of the venture the owners are in agreement on major matters, but as time passes they face changing goals and aspirations for the business venture. These changed goals can often lead to disagreements among the owners. Unless these disagreements are resolved in an efficient manner they can result in demoralization of employees, unnecessary trouble and expense to the business, and possible costly litigation. The basic cornerstone of any new or existing business venture is the Shareholder/Owner Agreement that memorializes the agreements of the owners concerning buy-ins, buy-outs, finance, operations and dispute resolution. Mr. Raines works with clients to avoid disputes through the use of property drafted Shareholder/Owner Agreements and if they do arise to keep the dispute from escalating into litigation and to resolve them in a fair, cost efficient manner that minimizes the stress on the business and its employees.

For over forty years, our clients have relied on Thomas E. Raines, PC to help them make prudent business, financial, and personal decisions on Shareholder and Partner Disputes. If your business or organization needs assistance in the area of Shareholder/Owner/Partner disputes, please contact our Atlanta Business Lawyer immediately at 770-263-0093 or vial email through the contact portion of this website.

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Best thing about Tom is he is pragmatic -- his witness instructions are simple -- Tell the Truth --- Many many of my friends, family and business associates use Tom as their attorney and they all rave about him.

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